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Rikka Takanashi (小鳥遊  六花,Takanashi Rikka) is the 2nd character in the Miscellaneous roster and is the female protagonist of the Japanese light novel series and anime Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai!


Gif of Rikka using "Schwartzshieldo"

Gif of Rikka using "Schwartzshieldo" as an evasive.

Schwartzshieldo: Rikka yells out the move name and opens her umbrella to thrust it forward, knocking away anyone who has been caught by it. The umbrella will remain open for a while. While the umbrella is open, you gain I-frames.

  • Note: This move can be cancelled early by clicking your mouse again.

Properties: Guardbreak | Damage: 15 (0 damage, if used as an evasive) | Cooldown(s): [Normal Use] - 14 Seconds / [Evasive Use] - 21 Seconds | Aggressive, Defensive, I-frames, Knockback, Combo Finisher | Range: 1 Stud, Red Range | Evasive

Gif of Rikka using "Umbrella Barrage"

Umbrella Barrage: Rikka opens her umbrella and quickly jabs the opponent 25 times.

Properties: Blockable | Damage: 25 | Cooldown: 15 Seconds | Aggressive, Multi-Hit, Combo Extender | Range: 1.5 Studs, Red Range | Melee

Gif of Rikka using "Chuuni-charge"

Gif of Rikka using "Chuuni-charge" when someone gets close to Rikka

Chuuni-charge: Rikka poses three different times, showing off her chunnibyo-ness. Each time she does a pose, he knocks away those around her.

  • Note: This move grants 1.3 bars of mode.

Properties: Ignores Block | Damage: 0 | Cooldown: 28 Seconds | Knockback, Multi-Hit | Range: 0.5 Studs, Red Range | Summon

Gif of Rikka using "Avalon Strike"

Gif of Rikka releasing "Avalon Strike"

Avalon Strike: Rikka backflips up in the air and opens her umbrella to glide closer to the ground. After she hits a target, she releases the umbrella and lands near the opponent.

  • Note: By pressing left-click again you let go umbrella immediately, dropping you to the ground.

Properties: Blockable | Damage: 20 | Cooldown: 15 Seconds | Aggressive, Defensive, Slam Down | Range: 9 Studs, Orange Range | Melee, Transportation

Tyrant's Eye (Transformation)

Rikka poses several times before taking off her eyepatch, revealing the Tyrant's Eye. She then bites on her thumb to draw blood in order to summon Konigin der Nacht. Her M1 changes into the massive sword, making it do 6.2/6.3 damage per M1, gain increased M1 range, and slower M1 speed.

Gif of Rikka using "Dark Matter Blaze"

Dark Matter Blaze: Rikka raises her sword up and charges a blaze of energy. She then swings the sword down to throw the blaze of energy at the intended area. The projectile explodes on contact or if it gets far enough.

Properties: Guardbreak | Damage: 40 | Cooldown: 15 Seconds | Aggressive, Knockback, Combo Finisher | Range: 50+ Studs | Projectile

Gif of Rikka using "Nergal Blast"

Gif of another Rikka using "Nergal Blast"

Nergal Blast: Rikka raises her sword and slams the ground with the handle, creating a massive magic circle. Thundering blasts of dark energy start to strike around Rikka, damaging all those caught in it.

  • Note: This move will not hit air borne enemies.
  • Note 2: The strike pattern is different for every person.

Properties: Guardbreak | Damage: 140 (20 per strike) | Cooldown: 14 Seconds | Aggressive, I-Frames, Area of Effect, Multi-Hit| Range: VARIES BETWEEN PLAYERS | Projectile

Gif of Rikka using "Kanntwinkle"

Kannatwinkle: Rikka jumps up in the air to shoot out 5 blasts of energy from her left eye. The blasts initially shoot straight forward then targets onto the intended enemy.

Properties: Blockable | Damage: 45 Damage (9 per blast) | Cooldown: 10 Seconds | Aggressive, Auto-Aim, Tracking, Multi-Hit | Range: 25 Studs, Yellow Range | Projectile

Gif of Rikka using "Bonk"

Bonk : Rikka raises her sword up and slams it down.

Properties: Guardbreak | Damage: 30 | Cooldown: 12 Seconds | Aggressive, Slam Down, Combo Extender | Range: 2 Studs, Red Range | Melee


Demostration of Combo 1

Combo 1: 5 M1s + Schwartzshieldo

Demostration of Combo 1

Combo 1: 3 M1s + Lift into the air (Space + M1) + Umbrella Barrage + Ladder (Knockback) + Schwartzshieldo


Demostration of Combo 1

Combo 1: 4 M1s + Bonk + 3 M1s + Lift into the air (Space + M1) + M1 (Slam Down) + Dark Matter Blaze


  • Although it appears Rikka is the 2nd character to be added in Miscellaneous roster, she's actually the 8th character to be added. (Yusuke Urameshi, was the 2nd character, but it left a gap in roster.)
  • Rikka has the 2nd longest awakening animation, of 12 seconds, making her behind Chika herself.
    • Chika's animation lasts for 17.5 seconds.